Saturday, February 27, 2010

isro training session / february 2010 at SHAR

Sir I am Divya, who attended your training programme (for administrative staff) at LPSC, Mahendragiri, in December 2009. No wonder, if u say, "I don't remember". I was totally perplexed when i got 28000 results in Google search for drtps. In my hands, i have got "Life of Love", your simple, but elegant piece of work. I am proud to have your signature in my book. My husband, Shri Kartheekeyan is also working in VSSC as Sci/Engr in S200 Project. He is a very sincere and hard worker, but not being recognised or treated well, as he feels. A man who has a mind full of Goddess Rajarajeswari and a deep quest to know about Srichakram. When we are together, we speak a lot about God, perhaps simple stories, our experiences and views, which swallows a few couple of hours, without our knowing. He is much concerned about Janma, he knows astrology to some extent. He is in a very deep quest for his GURU, whom he expects to get soon. We feel how good it would have been, if this would be our last Janma. So any blog related to this sir, please tell me.I know, i should not dare to swallow up so much valuable time of a person like you. But i believe I am lucky and blessed to have met you Sir. So, i couldn't stop mailing...
With pranams,

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