Wednesday, July 18, 2012

120716 - Sai - Nellore / Hyderabad / MS from Sweden

Dear Guruji,

                      I apologise for the late reply as my health was upset yesterday I could not write to you sir. Iam writing this from the bottom of my heart. I have read Abdul kalam in wings of fire saying " When my professors walked It looks as if Knowledge radiated around them". Iam sorry if Iam wrong I hardly remeber as I studied it 6 years ago. I felt it personally when I met you. Iam very thankful for the almighty to make me meet you.

When I think of doing something for the nation, I always look for someone who can guide me and help me for achieving it. But after seeing you I realized that it can be done by individual itself if he has that passion and zeal to do it. It need not be so big, if every body contributes their part that itself makes a big contribution. Now Iam willing to contribute my part.

My passion is to serve my country by doing my best in what ever field Iam. If I cannot do something great to nation by myself, atleast I will encourage few people to do it by making them understand the importance of it. Iam very much impressed with the way you work, way you think.

Since Iam the elder one for my next generation, not worrying about the past I will make a living that inspires my family, my upcoming brothers and sisters so that they shall feel proud of me and guided in right way.

Since Iam involved with some other issues it will take sometime to get into the action plan. Iam really interested to be a part of our team immediately when i can support myself atleast.

Guide me in the right way while contributing my part our nation. Once again I thank almighty for having shown my guru.

"I am born with potential.
I am born with goodness and trust.
I am born with ideas and dreams.
- I am born with greatness.
- I am born with confidence.
- I am born with wings.
- So, I am not meant for crawling,
- I have wings, I will fly
- I will fly and fly"

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