Thursday, October 28, 2010

jbrec-100326+101025-engineering college, hyderabad

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Change in My Life......
It was on 26th March,2010 we had our CSIBORG(A Computer Science Student's Organization) 1st anniversary celebrations. We the students of CSE Dept were very much excited about the event. In particular I was very much excited about the event and was expecting some chief guests from any IT companies or some Technical Resource persons. At this point of time I heard that they have invited a Space Scientist as a Chief Guest for the event. Then I was puzzled and thought that how a Space Scientist could address CSE students. To be frank I just thought of attending it for just 10 to 15 minutes. Then the program started with a prayer song followed by Principal's address to the students(it was completely boring), then HOD(CSE) addressed the students(again got bored and was feeling that I must leave), then HOD IT and HOD MCA also addressed the gathering and by this time my head was completely aching. Immediately I thought I must leave the auditorium before the scientist (The Chief Guest) could start his lecture or his speech. But then thought that I must wait for atleast 10 minutes as it won't be good on my part to leave before the chief Guest starts addressing and if I do so my faculty will be noticing me. Then was patiently waiting for his speech to start so that I could leave as soon as possible. Then the Scientist came near the mike and started addressing the students. The first line he told was, " This is not a good college as the students of this College are not disciplined ". I was shocked by his words and thought that how come a Chief Guest can make such a comment about the college in his first line itself. Then he asked us to arrange the chairs properly in a line (they were arranged irregularly), every one of us stood and started arranging our chairs properly and then he told us, that he is still not satisfied with the arrangement. Then again we arranged them, we were laughing to each other saying that what is he making us to do. Then I have realized that everyone became active by this and that his intention was not to make us arrange chairs properly but to make us adjust our mood properly that are to make us active. Then he started his speech which was really amazing. I have never heard such a speech before. It was filled with energy. It has filled our mind with new knowledge. It was inspiring, motivating, refreshing....words are not enough to describe...I just forgot about my headache, I was completely immersed in listening to him...Then somebody came and said that the college buses have started...Then I have realized that the time is 4:25 pm (usually our college gets over by 3:15pm) I really don't know how the time had passed..This was the first time in 3 years (I was in my 3rd year) of my college life that I didn’t want to leave the college, I really wanted to listen to his speech for some more time. I am just unable to find even words to express the feeling after listening to his speech. I thought of meeting him after the session but don't know why, I was scared to meet him. Even till date I feel for the same that, why didn’t I meet him on that day(Now I communicate with him regularly). THIS WAS THE TURNING POINT IN MY LIFE. I have decided that reading books, getting marks and then getting a job is not the only Motto in Life, I must learn as much as possible, I must be creative, I must become a good citizen just not living for myself but must be helpful to others, I must generate new ideas..etc.
After his speech I have sent him a sms to his mobile saying that " Sir I am Anusha of CSE, JBREC, today I was really inspired by ur speech and would like to become ur student" then immediately I got a reply from him saying that "dear anusha, u r most welcome. I am with u. god bless u." I was really excited after getting a reply from him. At that moment I have decided to follow the words which he has told us. The main thing that I have learnt from him is the real meaning of LIFE i.e., Life is to be Lived In Full Enjoyment. Since that day to till date, I am really enjoying everything in my Life like exams, studies..what not everything....
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr T.P.Sasikumar, who has changed my way of thinking and my way of seeing the life. Today I can proudly say that I have learnt so much in life..which I would have never learnt if I wouldn't have attended his session on 26th March. I am also confident that I would be reaching heights in my career with his inspiration...

Thank u Professor....Thank u soo......much..


JBREC, Hyderabad.

hi sir,
this is sriram from cbit(who met u in jbrec college and u gave me a hug too)....
ur sessn was truly fantastic......

now i'm feeling more cnfident than before.....

and feeling very happy too.....

sir at the end of the session u said dat "if i dont reply for ur mail,think dat i m dead".......

plz sir dnt repeat these wrds again...

from now onwards i pray to god for u to give good health and continue your services to this society......

love u sir..........

Friday, October 22, 2010

101022.hyd.prrm engineering college


we love ur morals, the way u speak and the content in it..
we also love ur simplicity, social responsibility...
what is great in u is that, being such a highly qualified person, I think u never thoght for wealth...
satisfaction that I have done something to my mother land is Everlasting property.....
Thank U for ur amazing lecture in our college about scientific heritage and Engineering philosophy.....

shiva don

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

101007-trichur-vimala college

Dear sir
A very good evening.
Truely, your encouragement through the sessions are effective and applicable.
More over it is too easy to handle.
Rather than that we are wondered abt. ur knowledge in 'purana', and science in ancient india.
May be though i am from physics, i am really interested to know the datas abt. physics in ancient india which is not available in text books.
With thanks


I am Thresiamma from Vimala college,
a Lecturer in mathematics,
a former student of payyannur college.
I am Very glad because I got a chance to sit in your class for one day.
I am so fascinated by your knowledge,talents.
Also i feel regret to myself for wasting my time unnesessarily.
Sir Can you help me to ,to be enthusiastic,punctual,etc?
What motive lead you to reach this height?

Namasthe TPS Sir,
Even thinking of you is positive.
the energy you showered us is speechless...
thanks again for that precious time

Dpt.of Malayalam