Saturday, June 4, 2011

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Dear Sir,
My name is Sirish Krishna. I attended Youth Residential Camp in RKmath. I was very impressed by your lecture. I think it is very essential for a student to correlate science and religion.
I completed my BTech in ECE from VNR Vignana Jyothi College and got placed in CTS. I am waiting for my joining date. Can you suggest some books for me to read meanwhile. I wrote CAT previous year and got 98.33 percentile but i havn't cleared my English cutoff. So, please suggest some books such that simultaneously i can improve my verbal skills and the most important one knowledge too.
I with my friends started one organization named SATHKRUTHI. Our main objectives are Education, Health and Environment. We organize blood donation camps and we even provide blood freely for the needy in hyderabad. We designed a software to maintain the database of blood donors. We have about 3000 blood donors now. But presently we are not using the software as we have some problems. In 2-3 weeks we will be able to practically implement that software. Apart from this, every year we give note books to Gov.t school students, provide medicines for patients, we collect old clothes and give it to the needy. Every month we are doing minimum one event.
After pursuing my BTech degree i think many of my friends(me too) in our college lacks in motivation. While joining into my BTech i thought of doing many things, like doing more projects in the field of Electronics and I was very enthusiastic. But because of environment, placement assurance, lecturers i was diverted to software. Our college is one of the best in Hyderabad, in which they provided us excellent infrastructure and labs. But we, students of our college haven't used them properly. I think that is due to lack of motivation and lack of guidance.
After listening to your lecture i thought it is very useful to students. In A.P first years will join in college during september. So if you accept i want you to address students of our college. I don't know whether it is right or wrong to ask this question in mail. And i feel your time is so valuable.
If you kindly accept our invitation we(SATHKRUTHI ORG) will organize the event so that it is very much useful to the students of our college.
I know about my English, I think many mistakes are present in this mail please forgive me for those.
Thanking you sir,

With Regards