Tuesday, July 27, 2010

kolkotta.. malayalee group at ayyappa dharma samithy bihala. 24th july 2010

Respected Sir,
Let me introduce myself to you first. I am Babita , who was anchoring the programme on Saturday in Kolkata :) on 24th July 2010.
Presently I am working in Cognizant.
Before anything , let me tell you Sir , your Speech was amazingly inspiring and wonderful..Nobody even realised that you spoke for 3 long hours !!! i never found a speech more interesting and inspiring till date
Sir , it was so wonderful to know about you and your knowledge in various subjects ..I am sure everyone present there would have felt the same .It was as if we could go on listening to you...for hours .You could speak on just anything and everything under the sky ...
Would like to learn more from you Sir .
Looking forward to hear from you ,

Dear Dr Sasikumar sir

I had the privilege of listerning to you on 24th at Behala, Kolkata.

I am in Kolkata for more than 25 years in Private service also involved in Malayalam theatrical activities here.

I have not heard anybody giving such a lecture with such openness. You have made the audience feel at ease. Holding such high position and status you have made everybody feel that you are like one of them. I felt like the old time Teacher who explains to his disciples with affection and love.

I would look forward to listerning and interacting with you again and again.

Kindly give us such wonderful opportunities in future in Kolkata, where we do not have such scope.

The most encouraging aspect of it I felt was that when I made my son (17+) skip his Guitar Class and attend your Lecture, he reminded me while entering the hall that it should be worth as he never had any idea of the same. And while returning I asked him about the speech and he said it was very nice. Moreover, I was happy to hear from him that most of the questions asked by a person was actually his. I have advised him to clear his doubts in future not indirectly but directly.

Like him, all the children too felt the Lecture enlightening.

Looking forward to see you and listern you again soon.

With kind regards

K Nandakumar

Dear Sir,

I really thank you for the wonderful, informative and inspiring experience imparted to me and my daughters (who were performing Iswara Prarthana) and the Behala crowd during your speech and interactive session on 24th July 2010.

Your delivery was so inspiring especially to the children and also to the elders. By any measure you are a very effective speaker and educator.

Your educational project sounds very interesting and offers a compelling value proposition to the young generation. Thanks for the information shared.

I feel very sorry for not knowing about a great personality like you till this session as everything has got its time.

With Kind Regards