Thursday, September 23, 2010


Dear sir,
I am Usha,MCA 4th semester student in IHRD,Vadakkencherry.I was present in your class today.Sir,your class was superb;also the interactive session.
Sir,would you kindly give me some tips to improve the pronunciation?Also,i want to know how Australian English differ from other English.
I am interested in teaching and want to join your service as a volunteer in .So,i request you to inform about workshops in Sobha Academy.
Hoping ur blessings,

Dear sir,
I am from College of Applied Science,Vadakkenchery.I had
attented both the sessions of your personality development class.It
was a good experience.I am interested to be a teacher and work with
you.What should i do?

Your's faithfully,

Sowmya Sukumaran

Saturday, September 4, 2010

adi-sankara-college-of-engineeting-and-technology, kalady - 3rd september 2010

Dear Sir,

How r you?
I am extremely sorry for the late mail and response.
I was completely engaged with some unexpected schedule at the college.
We,the students of Adi Sankara Inst. Of Engg.,KALADY, were all greatly blessed with your knowledge and wishes.
Your seminar and the interaction with the students was just an eye-opener.
sir, we have a number of photographs and videos regarding the inauguration.
I will be sending the rest of the pics in just a couple of days.

I once again feel sorry for not been able to call you or keep in contact...

Thanking you,

EC students assocaition head.
(Adi Sankara Inst. Of Engg. & Tech,kalady)

I am from Adi shankara institute of engineering and
technology(student S7 EC)

I had attended your yesterday's class in ASIET.I feel so
lucky that I got such a good oppurtunity to attend that class.It is
one of the best class I have ever attended.You are are such a good
teacher who know the pulses of students. It was an inspiring class.Now
I feel that I had to do something which can give some sort of
satisfaction to my mind.
Now I started taking classes for some
little students here.I always get some sort of happiness from these
teachings.I used to write what ever I feel in a book.I dont know any
rules of writting. I write what ever I feel.I used to write in
malayalam.It may be full of rubbish.But only my book and pen know
it.Still I enjoy writting in malayalam.
sir we are really eager to here your
motivation classes.And expect your guidelines.thankyou sir.

your's lovingly

Anvy Elizabeth Varghese