Monday, November 21, 2011

KTK foundation - 110227

dear sir,

Jyothishraj from Payyanur here

Hope you remember of me asking whether you had time for a class at K.V.Payyanur in near future

Well, today we had a so-called "class" on stress management by young chap, who at the end, turned out to be just another advertiser of a private college hoping to catch hold of students right at this stage.

Neither did we get any benefit on how to manage stress, nor did his inst. prove to be any worthy.

The memories of those short, yet evergreen moments spent with you ( thanks to K.T.K foundation ) are still with us and are being evoked after such a contrasting class.

So, I politely,humbly request you to come to us at once if at all you are here anytime till February 28th.
Please don't think it as a compulsion, just a desire from a group of loving students to have you here once more.

In case you have any program here, any family function etc etc
please do let us know

with love,