Sunday, December 18, 2011

What else is Better than an AWARD ?

Dear Sir,

I am Mini from Delhi. I met you at R.K Puram and then Mayur Vihar Phase-I Guruvayurappan temple with my daughter who aspires to be a doctor. You asked her the formula of trigonometry and she answered. You had given her blessings of becoming something in life.

Sir, I would like to let you know that by the blessings of Lord and good people like you, she has taken admission in M.B.B.S. last year. We are expecting to prefix that two letter wonderful word in front of her name as we all admire and fascinate by DR.

I hope we will keep in touch.

With warm regards

Mini Ravindran

Respected sir,

Whenever ur name comes in my mind, i get motivated to learn more and more and that the samething which i learned from u that i teach my students.

Sir, I sincerely got many benefits of learning through various sessions (Class / Workshops / Talk / Interaction) during my learning at JNTU Hyderabad where u have delivered many lectures to the participants, U inspired me a lot sir, that i became good listener rather than just hearer. because of that i received best participant teacher Award from JNTU VC's honorarium.
( I mean Dr.K.rajagopal sir, VC of JNTU,delivered a lecture to us and he donated his honorarium to best Participant of the Course)

The way u teach us through different teaching techniques/learning tricks made me good teacher ( I feel, the way they respond)in my college where 2130 engg. students learn.

I am very much thankful to sir.

Dr.K.Ravi (Katherashala Ravi),
B.Tech (Civil-Structures), M.Planning(Housing),Ph.D U.O.R (IIT-Roorkee)
Babasaheb Naik College of Engineering,
Pusad - 445215 Dist Yavatmal, Maharastra


  • thanks 4 adding me, i was very much impressed at your speech in r k math couple of years back sir

Monday, November 21, 2011

KTK foundation - 110227

dear sir,

Jyothishraj from Payyanur here

Hope you remember of me asking whether you had time for a class at K.V.Payyanur in near future

Well, today we had a so-called "class" on stress management by young chap, who at the end, turned out to be just another advertiser of a private college hoping to catch hold of students right at this stage.

Neither did we get any benefit on how to manage stress, nor did his inst. prove to be any worthy.

The memories of those short, yet evergreen moments spent with you ( thanks to K.T.K foundation ) are still with us and are being evoked after such a contrasting class.

So, I politely,humbly request you to come to us at once if at all you are here anytime till February 28th.
Please don't think it as a compulsion, just a desire from a group of loving students to have you here once more.

In case you have any program here, any family function etc etc
please do let us know

with love,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ANUSHA with me ....


You are the real hero I ever came across!
You are one in a million!
You showed me the way to live!
You taught me the way to love!
To put it simple,
I am crazy about you Chachuuuu!

You taught me everything that I needed
Even before I asked for it!
Like you,
I want to be the way you are!
I want to take care of little things, the way you do!
You know,
Who I am now and what I will be later,
Is only because of you!

Love you!! Love you so much!!!

Hello Sir,

I am Anusha, the same person who has messaged u in the evening. Sir I was very much impressed by ur lecture today especially the way in which u have presented it. I have seen today the best Orator in u.

Sir basically i too have a passion to know everything and learn manythings. But somehow i am unable to make my dreams into reality. Sir basically in today's B.Tech life none of the faculty of the engineering colleges give importance to the practical knowledge especially in the engineering colleges of A.P. They just ask us to byheart everything.At this stage wat do u suggest me to do sir??

Sir i am presently learning the technologies like .net, java, Oracle, Testing tools. I have learned web designing and 2D animation as I love animation field. And now I am presently taking the coaching of CAT for getting an admission into IIM's.

Sir the main problem is that during the class time I am answering all the questions they put in the class i.e., after once they explain I am able to answer everything. But I after few weeks i am unable to recollect everything. And I think it is due to lack of practice, and I am really unable to plan correctly. My daily schedule is:

Wake Up Time: 6 a.m
College Bus :7:45 am
Back from college : 4:30 p.m
Web Designing class: 5 to 7 p.m
.Net class: 7 to 8:15p.m
College work till 11:30 or 12:30 (depends)
On sunday CAT classes

So sir can u help me to plan my schedule sir?

Sir I really wanna be ur student sir. Please sir guide me.


My dear Anusha:
Glad to see your email and the interest shown.
Nice too in learning that the session was usefull and you enjoyed it.
I was not in my full mood and thrill today as the college ambiance is not too good. I love to see more order and discipline.
I loved the session because of a few glaring and interesting faces aroound. That is what hapens in many of the sessions.
I have some request from studnets to be around your college for some sessions. May be i will plan with some civil/mechanical/cs/it application oriented session, may be mixing photogrametry, image processing, virtual reality, computer vision, simulation etc.
You are most welcome, and i love studnets of your kind with bussy involvement and learning thrill.
Glad to see your nice, wonderful schedule with bussy time.
you be with it.
Enjoy the time around and flow like a river and grow like a tree.
Where are you in hyderabad?
Try to get my book LIFE made SIMPLE and LIFE of LOVE, I could have given to you, if you had contacted and talked to me.
See the link / blogs
read the points on learning and study at
You could call / sms / email me at any time, and i will be with you.
You love to be with me for the sunday session at DILSUKNAGAR ar WEWIN this sunday? you culd join with the BTech studnets around on my session on Personaliuty / communication class, if you are around that area.
God bless you dear.
Prayers and love
--------------------------------100326 ----------------------------------

Dear Anusha:
I did answer you.
Said your schedule is fine and enjoy with it.
I am sure, more than the schedule the activity in full spirit is what is essentail.
i realy do not stick to any time table.
sleep when u feel, read , rock, eat as u wish.
enjoy evry bit of life.
be active, creative, keep moving through your interest and keep learning, growing, sharing and caring.
See SHIKSHA and activity around.
Hello sir,

Gud Afternoon

Thank u very much for responding for responding to my mail sir. I will definitely follow ur advise sir.

Sir I just have a doubt sir. I think u r the right person who can clarify my doubts.
"Sir can an honest business man could be able to become a richest person sir?"
Because in today's world I think by being honest a business man can never come up.
Wat is ur approach to this querie sir.


dear anusha:
honesty is relative term.
ethics / dharma is the word ..
dharma / ethics in profession is what makes successfull.. and with the best.
this contradiction is part of every job.
doctor, officer, police, advocate, politician, teaching etc..
why only business..
Being dharmic is not increasing the profit. can get profit.. and increase the number of sales..
as per the demand, one can make good profit.
cheat will not stay long ..
and will have the suffering like loss.
God bless you,
dear, i love you a lot for these wonderful questions..
i love people with these interest in learning..
u r dear to me.

Dear Sir,


Thank so much for patiently replying for my questions.
Sir I have a querie regarding the "DEATH".
Sir after a person dies where will his soul goes sir?
Sir do u believe in AATHMA. Is AATHMA called as Ghost.
Do u believe that Ghosts exist. Recently I just surfed net for the real ghost stories that happened. And I found innumerous. Even my dad and grandparents say that they have seen the AATHMA. Is it all true that we can be able to see the soul.

And sir if u r interested can we just go ahead in discussing over this topic.

Once again Thank u So much for reponding to me.

Dear Anu:

Yes, could see athma..
can talk / take athma..

life and after death are the same study..

will show u life and energy of life..

will love to discuss and get into discussions.
- Hide quoted text -

Dear sir,


I just really love to know the secrets of this nature.
Sir if aathma exists, Wat is it exactly is it the person's soul after he or she dies?
Then y do people are so scared of it?
Will aathma helps us or will it scare us?
I really love to know more about this topic sir that is y i am troubling u

Sir I really love to discuss with u regarding these concepts.

Thank u so much for patiently responding to me.

Hello Professor

Did u receive my last mail? Because i did not receive a reply from u. Am I troubling u sir?

Please don't mind



Dear Anusha:

Sure, no disturbance, you are most welcome dear.

I love you for this questions..
Atma is not our father, mother or anyone, once the body and atma seperates.
it is just energy, do not know how it reacts.

since unpredictable, it is unpredictable and hence none love it.

the energy at times may be a mix of many souls together..

We will contnue discussion like this as long as u need me around..

god bless you

----------------------------------100330 -----------------------

Hello professor,


Actually if a person has any enimity with anyone and if he dies then will he become a spirit and take the revenge on them? Is there a possibility to do so?

And moreover if a person dies and if their beloved ones are not around them will this dead person's soul wil go and meet their beloved ones?

Actually when i was in my 3rd standard my mother's mother had died due to cancer and they live in another district and in those days we did not have a telephone at home, on that day my grandmother had come in the morning and so my dad did not go to his office on her request so we spent that day together and in the evening my dad's friend came home and informed us that my dad got a call to his office in the morning stating that my grandmother had died in morning at 6 a.m and my parents were shocked since my grandmother had came in the morning at 6 a.m to our home and to our surprise when we were searching for her at home in the bedroom she was no where.

Even till date my parents cannot forget that incident and that day. Sir how is this possible sir. Will the dead people's soul meets their beloved ones once after they die?

What is this aatma exactly? what is its form sir? How wil it look like? Wil it have any power?






Actually if a person has any enimity with anyone and if he dies then will he become a spirit and take the revenge on them? Is there a possibility to do so?


And moreover if a person dies and if their beloved ones are not around them will this dead person's soul wil go and meet their beloved ones?


Actually when i was in my 3rd standard my mother's mother had died due to cancer and they live in another district and in those days we did not have a telephone at home, on that day my grandmother had come in the morning and so my dad did not go to his office on her request so we spent that day together and in the evening my dad's friend came home and informed us that my dad got a call to his office in the morning stating that my grandmother had died in morning at 6 a.m and my parents were shocked since my grandmother had came in the morning at 6 a.m to our home and to our surprise when we were searching for her at home in the bedroom she was no where.

Even till date my parents cannot forget that incident and that day. Sir how is this possible sir. Will the dead people's soul meets their beloved ones once after they die?

What is this aatma exactly? what is its form sir? How wil it look like? Wil it have any power?






Hello Professor,


I am very keen in seeing aatma. I think u can help in this regard and sir what is this thantra that u r learning. Wat is it exactly related to? Is thantra some black magic kind of thing or some magical powers? Or is it the way to reach the GOD(THE ALMIGHTY).
I am having a keen interest in all these things.

And I would like to discuss with u on many topics which may continue years





It is my duty and pleasure to teach some one that i have learned from my guru.
thanthra means learning the energy concept in god including atma ..
call me any time or sms .
tmrw onwards i am on tour.
for 10 days.
hardly on net.

Hello Professor,

This is anusha. How r u sir? I think u would have forgetten me by this time due to my non communication with u. Sir I was busy with exams and exam tesion all these dayz. I just completed my 3rd year 2nd sem finlas yesterday. Sir r u in hyd? I would like to attend ur seminars if any in this city.

Sir today i was just thinking about the world that is on today and relating it with the past. Even though i did not born at that time i was able to visualise about past very clearly. I mean about the way those people lived peacefully without much tensions and without much pollution. Sir I just feel that past was very good when compared to present as the life span of people is being decremented when compared to past sir. With the much advancement in the technology even the problems are increasing sir. Sir if i had a chance i would prefer to live in the past. However today humans have achieved everything but could not bring the time which has passed. Sir wat could be the reason behind these thoughts which are rolling in my mind.

I would really be waiting for ur reply Professor since it has been always an enthusiastic feeling for me to read ur mail.

With regards,


HI Professor,

Hope u r fine with the blessings of GOD. Are u very busy sir, because i did not receive any reply for my mail sir. I am keenly waiting for ur reply sir.



My dear:
It was loving to be with your email answering good questions.
will love to,.
these days i am on travel and a few added sessions - at times hectic.
i will be with u dear.
it is nice to be in past in thoughts.
see if u were in this world u could never think of this day.
now u can think of today and the past.
too little on future too.
that is the speciality of human.
good to be like this.
great life..
be smart and active in thoughts.
i love you for this, being special in dheeshana sakthi.
god bless you dear.


Hello Professor,

How r u ?? I was very happy after receiving ur reply. Sir I just have a doubt like how did we know that the GOD would be like which we see in photos and all. How one came to know how GOD look like?

I mean we do have stories about Lord Rama, Sai baba and so that they were born like humans so that some one would have seen them and they must have painted their potraits and so we are able to know their appearance. Then wat about Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Godess Laxmi, saraswathi and so on. Sorry for troubling u with my stupid doubts. But i don't have anybody who can understand my enthusiasm to learn about all these except u sir.

Sirji I would like to know much abt Hindu Mythology sir can u help me in this regard. Sir according to bible the first man on earth they say as Adam, then wat about according to our Hidhu myth. Who is the first man on earth according to Hindhu myth. How was this universe actually created sir. Who has created it sir.

These are the questions that always trouble me since my 5th standard, nobody answered them sir. Please do reply to me sir.

I'll be waiting for ur reply sir... Thank u once again sir for patiently answering my questions



Dear Anusha:

I love you for all the questions
I am answering and we accepted each other, so avoid this formal sorry and i have no one other than u etc.
i am with u, as long as u need me.

has no shape
cant explain
Not at a single location
These are the three papas done by many and re-confirmed by SANKARACHARYA too.

GOD is a concept, sankalpa,
need to give shape and pictures to give shape to our thoughts, that is it.
It has only that value.

When one learns in the LKG on the text on animals etc, we know that it is only photo, but the kid presumes that it is that animal.
likewise the photo is to give shape and learn GOD.
Once we grow these have no value.


World as it explains by science and mythology, is the creation / exploding of energy and particles formed then ..
Over 198 crores of years existing world, and limited knowledge of the human here !!
May be some logical reasoning and some theories by a few.

Let us learn more, together, I am with you.
God bless you

Hello Professor,

Thank you for the information on GOD. Sir again i came up with a new doubt that is bothering me. Sir Usually we do hear much about the SHAAP(CURSE) that was given in olden days. Sir recently few days ago I have seen a movie named SHAAPIT, in that they have shown that whenever a particular curse is given by someone, the person who gives this curse dies and the person who has been cursed will also die but that curse will be carried on for generations. How is that possible sir ??. In that movie they have picturised that the curse when it is given will be attached with a negative energy(i.e., Bad aatma) and it will do its job by implementing that curse for generations. Sir is it really possible?? Sir is it really true which has been picturised(i.e., which i explained above)??

Sir what, really these curses used to work in olden days?? I have heard about these curses even in many mythological stories that saints used to curse people.

Daily i am getting different different doubts sir. But i really don't know why i am always bothered with these thoughts unlike others.

Wiating for ur reply.............................................................................



is possible.
generatations, the effect could go, that depends on the power of the one who does this.
as our fate / bless depends on the father/mother and hence it could get down into generations.

the saapa wikll effect only when the person is weak.
strong people dont have to worry on the saapa.

also the power of the person who can give saapa makes the impact.



Hello Professor,

Actually now a days i do have a problem that has arised newly. Sir now a days i am unable to concentrate on my cat preperation and i am lacking practicing daily. Whenever i am opening the book some way or the other i am feeling drowsy and unable to concentrate on it and i am sleeping. I am even unable to get up early in the morning, i am just getting up at 6:30 and getting ready to the collge and after my college i have my dotnet and database classes and will be reaching home by 8:15. My cat exam is in october. So sir can suggest me how to concentrate on it, i mean how to improve my concentration and also how to get up early.

Waiting for ur reply professor.


dear anusha:
drink lot of water dear.
that will make u to getup early.
i can give you some clues for the cat exam, but how do i reach the materaial for you..
a few presentations on logical reasoning / data analysis and mathetaical ability.
i am here for only till wednesday.. may too far for you to reach too, here in malkajgiri area.
wher do u stay?
can talk to me some time, whenever u need me..


Hello Professor,

I do stay at mehdipatnam. Even in order to come to malkajgiri i do have college regularly. So i think it would be a bit difficult. Sir but how to improve my concentration sir. I mean if i am taking books in my hand then i am feeling drowsy and sleeping. And even how to improve my vocabulary sir. Improving vocabulary is the major task that is infront of me. As cat needs much more vocab in order to clear the verbal ability.

Sir please do help in this regard.



Hello Professsor,

How r u ? Howz ur hometown trip ? Sir I was very happy after meeting u. On that day i wish i could have attended ur class at Ramakrishna Math, but my dad was little buzy he couldn't take me there, so i had missed that oppurtunity.

Sir after meeting u, some of my classmates (girls) have commented on our meet, like they were asking the other girl who came along with me to u, that wat have I learned from u, and have i became perfect in geometry after meeting u and some coments on that. After listening to this i was very very angry and i just wanted to ask them directly that, y do they comment in my absence. I was unable to control my anger but as i was busy with my other classes i couldn't go to college on fri, sat and so my anger was controlled as there was a gap of 3 days.

Sir I frankly agree that short temper is the weakness that i have and i need to overcome that.
So professor kindly suggest me some ways of controlling my temper.

Sir throughout my schooling and my college life i never called anyone with the designation "professor" as to me professor is the person who can guide the student in a good path, but after seeing u i was very enthusiastic in calling u as professor sir.

U r great professor!!
And i wish u will always be there with me to guide me in every aspect.

ur student


Saturday, June 4, 2011

old.. comment ...

Dear Sir,
My name is Sirish Krishna. I attended Youth Residential Camp in RKmath. I was very impressed by your lecture. I think it is very essential for a student to correlate science and religion.
I completed my BTech in ECE from VNR Vignana Jyothi College and got placed in CTS. I am waiting for my joining date. Can you suggest some books for me to read meanwhile. I wrote CAT previous year and got 98.33 percentile but i havn't cleared my English cutoff. So, please suggest some books such that simultaneously i can improve my verbal skills and the most important one knowledge too.
I with my friends started one organization named SATHKRUTHI. Our main objectives are Education, Health and Environment. We organize blood donation camps and we even provide blood freely for the needy in hyderabad. We designed a software to maintain the database of blood donors. We have about 3000 blood donors now. But presently we are not using the software as we have some problems. In 2-3 weeks we will be able to practically implement that software. Apart from this, every year we give note books to Gov.t school students, provide medicines for patients, we collect old clothes and give it to the needy. Every month we are doing minimum one event.
After pursuing my BTech degree i think many of my friends(me too) in our college lacks in motivation. While joining into my BTech i thought of doing many things, like doing more projects in the field of Electronics and I was very enthusiastic. But because of environment, placement assurance, lecturers i was diverted to software. Our college is one of the best in Hyderabad, in which they provided us excellent infrastructure and labs. But we, students of our college haven't used them properly. I think that is due to lack of motivation and lack of guidance.
After listening to your lecture i thought it is very useful to students. In A.P first years will join in college during september. So if you accept i want you to address students of our college. I don't know whether it is right or wrong to ask this question in mail. And i feel your time is so valuable.
If you kindly accept our invitation we(SATHKRUTHI ORG) will organize the event so that it is very much useful to the students of our college.
I know about my English, I think many mistakes are present in this mail please forgive me for those.
Thanking you sir,

With Regards

Saturday, April 23, 2011

from Irinjalakuda .... 2011 April

Anita Aravind

there are so many great souls in this u may not meet them.....v need gods grace fr this.................even if v meet them....v may not recognise their greatness...............v need gods grace fr this........if this oppurtunity comes our way...... wat do v do.?.......make use of it fr our highest benefit...........promises!!!!!!

Anita Aravind

sir effects me in a hundred different ways................His brilliance dazzles me....his simplicity touches me ......his grandeur awes me.....his affection nurtures me.....his vision motivates me soul is stirred to take wings and fly to the highest......

Min Mini That's Dr TPS,
the *Thermal Power Station*.
We are lucky to have this opportunity to
have his words reaching us.
Thank God.

Drtps words are hired from some one else.. those.. in front make it to set in the specific styel.. that are u all around..

Rohini Rao You are glowing, amazing. How that radiant smile could be achieved guru

Drtps u around are reflecting !! I am only sasi = moon

by the endless grace of my guru it has been my privilege to meet some truly extraordinary people... u r one of them..
i have had the opportunity to closely observe u for the past few days... your intellectual abilities, passion and versatility are truly great. but in my heart what marks you out is your extraordinary ability to connect with people.. u give of ur self so generously... hats off to u sir!

Anitha Aravind

You are the most wonderful being I ever met, truthful, realistic, loving and passionate in being what you are. May the Lord bless you ever for a blissful life for several years more so that we can be blessed to be with you too.

All Love and light.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

my favourate - anusha says..

Namasthe chachu...

I really wanna thank u soo much for all ur efforts, and for spending ur valuable time, imparting so much of knowledge and making me aware of many things which i wouldn't have known at any point of time in my life if i wouldn't have come across u...

I do feel that I am really lucky chachu and that God has blessed me a lot that, I have found u.....

It is always like "a person who gets across the ocean with the highest tide ever is paid a tribute.. but as just a beginner always admires the one who is on the other side of us.. Motivation towards Goal, Destiny makes it happen... and the one who motivates and the one who teaches us the art of swimming in order to swim over the tide is very important in one's life in order to be on the track of success... in order to reach the Goal... and it is always a rare blessing for everyone to find such a Guru in his/her life.... And Today I am really happy that I found one... I found u as my Guru chachu, who always cares, who always shares the knowledge, who always tries to keep me in the right track, and the most important of all... who has made me realize the importance of enjoying every moment in Life.. who has taught me a new definition for LIFE... who has changed my way of thinking... And all in all who had made me see a better person in myself.." These are the words which are flowing from my heart...So far in my life I was never been so emotional chachu.....

I will first Thank God for making me meet u... and then would like to thank u for everything chachu.........

Thank u soo much chachu....

Thanks & Regards,


A Change in My Life......

            It was on 26th March,2010 we had our CSIBORG(A Computer Science Student's Organization) 1st anniversary celebrations. We the students of CSE Dept were very much excited about the event. In particular I was very much excited about the event and was expecting some chief guests from any IT companies or some Technical Resource persons. At this point of time I heard that they have invited a Space Scientist as a Chief Guest for the event. Then I was puzzled and thought that how a Space Scientist could address CSE students. To be frank I just thought of attending it for just 10 to 15 minutes. Then the program started with a prayer song followed by Principal's address to the students(it was completely boring), then HOD(CSE) addressed the students(again got bored and was feeling that I must leave), then HOD IT and HOD MCA also addressed the gathering and by this time my head was completely aching. Immediately I thought I must leave the auditorium before the scientist (The Chief Guest) could start his lecture or his speech. But then thought that I must wait for atleast  10 minutes as it won't be good on my part to leave before the chief Guest starts addressing and if I do so my faculty will be noticing me. Then was patiently waiting for his speech to start so that I could leave as soon as possible. Then the Scientist came near the mike and started addressing the students. The first line he told was, " This is not a good college as the students of this College are not disciplined ". I was shocked by his words and thought that how come a Chief Guest can make such a comment about the college in his first line itself. Then he asked us to arrange the chairs properly in a line (they were arranged irregularly), every one of us stood and started arranging our chairs properly and then he told us, that he is still not satisfied with the arrangement. Then again we arranged them, we were laughing to each other saying that what is he making us to do. Then I have realized that everyone became active by this and that his intention was not to make us arrange chairs properly but to make us adjust our mood properly that are to make us active. Then he started his speech which was really amazing. I have never heard such a speech before. It was filled with energy. It has filled our mind with new knowledge. It was inspiring, motivating, refreshing....words are not enough to describe...I just forgot about my headache, I was completely immersed in listening to him...Then somebody came and said that the college buses have started...Then I have realized that the time is 4:25 pm (usually our college gets over by 3:15pm) I really don't know how the time had passed..This was the first time in 3 years (I was in my 3rd year) of my college life that I didn’t want to leave the college, I really wanted to listen to his speech for some more time. I am just unable to find even words to express the feeling after listening to his speech. I thought of meeting him after the session but don't know why, I was scared to meet him. Even till date I feel for the same that, why didn’t I meet him on that day(Now I communicate with him regularly). THIS WAS THE TURNING POINT IN MY LIFE. I have decided that reading books, getting marks and then getting a job is not the only Motto in Life, I must learn as much as possible, I must be creative, I must become a good citizen just not living for myself but must be helpful to others, I must generate new ideas..etc.

              After his speech I have sent him a sms to his mobile saying that " Sir I am Anusha of CSE, JBREC, today I was really inspired by ur speech and would like to become ur student" then immediately I got a reply from him saying that "dear anusha, u r most welcome. I am with u. god bless u." I was really excited after getting a reply from him. At that moment I have decided to follow the words which he has told us. The main thing that I have learnt from him is the real meaning of LIFE i.e., Life is to be Lived In Full Enjoyment. Since that day to till date, I am really enjoying everything in my Life like exams, studies..what not everything....

     I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr T.P.Sasikumar, who has changed my way of thinking and my way of seeing the life. Today I can proudly say that I have learnt so much in life..which I would have never learnt if I wouldn't have attended his session on 26th March. I am also confident that I would be reaching heights in my career with his inspiration...

Thank u Professor....Thank u soo......much..
sir i like ur sense of humour i used to go so many presntaions but evrytime i go i see my watch all time and thnk when this presntaion will compleete but sir when u speak anythng i forgot my time and i thnk arey why it ocmpleted very soon Gopi Krishna

previously i used to think only going to movies, playing, shopping etc etc is only enjoyment
used to watch many movies
i used go to malls daily.. used to play.. shop etc etc
but now since few months i have not watched any movie
utilising my time in some productive work
seeing real life
a lot of experience
so many frnds
met many people
Now the priority has changed chachu...
I can sense the real change in me
Thanks a lot chachu............
i really donno chachu.. how it happened...
But it is really a miracle in my Life
with ur blessings
but chachu the main thing which i have learnt is
if we r positive towards any work then i am sure that success will be our side
This is a lesson which i have really learnt...

Friday, March 18, 2011

a valuable one from West, who is eastern in blood....

On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 7:25 PM, benyne p wrote:

Dear Sir,

I just had a look at the creativity presentation (only by 15 minutes). I would really love to take time and learn it.I am able to see a very new approach to define creativity.There are lot of realities on CREATIVITY that I never saw in other scientific theories of creativity.While going through it, I could really feel the WARMTH of a novel as well as a more authentic approach to creativity.I felt like learning it.The theoretical,no I should rather say a beatiful river that is taking its form, could even be a real initiative in the world of creativity theories, that many a times forgets, about the intensity factor in creativity.Another speciality of this outlook is the East-West combination or Wholistic nature.

Iam also attaching the content that generated these thoughts (on 18/03/2011):

Mrs. Palayoor Benyne Jos, M. Sc. & M. Phil. Clinical Psychology,

Doctoral Research Scholar,
Department of General & Experimental Psychology,
Johannes Gutenberg-University, Mainz,
Building Taubertsberg II (Room 426),
Wallstrasse 3, 55122 Mainz, Germany.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

from mumbai - Indian Development Foundation

Dear Dr Sasikumar:

Thanks for your response. It's amazing to see that you pioneer such gigantic activity, great, that's the word.

I shall see the links which you have given. When you are in Mumbai, please do let me know, my colleague Dr Narayan and I will be happy to meet you, subject to your convenience.

I wish you good luck. We want people like to take our nation to higher levels.

Warm regards,

Dr ARK Pillai

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Good evening sir, This is Mallesh Kumar ,I complted Engineering in computer science from JNTU .I attend a class in rk math hyd today (14-2-2011) . i feel very happy for attend class, Today is one of memorable day because i attend Dr TPS 's class.

Thanks u sir...

respected sir,
iam nishanth (19) doing urban planning in jntu school of planning and architecture . i attend ur class on self confidence in rama krishna math.though ihad listened to many speakers u inspired me alot. u gave a live examples . i want u be my mentor in my life .im sure that i can achive any thing in my life with your help .i want to become a SIKSHA volunteer.i hope that u accept my request .
thanking you sir,
yours obidently,


Hello sir,

I have attended your session on personality development at R.K.MUTH on last sunday. It was really a motivating session.

The verse which I found was near to me or impressed was"Make ur presence even in your absence". i think if everyone can achieve this there is happiness to him/her nd everyone around. Every line was motivating.

Thanks and Regards