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"B E I N G B E T T E R"

Sunday, July 13, 2008
About being better

The other day when our teacher told us that we were supposed to attend a seminar, all of us groaned in unison. Our teacher told us that a scientist was going to talk to us. That left us completely nonplussed. Why in the world would a scientist talk to art students like us? What do we have in common afterall? What can he tell us?

Our teacher gave us no more time to think and we were asked to be in the auditorium sharp at 12.30 pm. "Oh no! Isnt that our lunch break...ugh! we'll have to finish it off in half an hour. And then no roaming around. One hour recess spoiled!", we spoke among ourselves. Nevertheless, at sharp 12.30, all assembled in the auditorium and tried occupying the back rows so that we could easily doze off or play hang man, if the lecture turned out to be boring. But to our dismay, the back rows had already been occupied. We were the last to troupe in. So we solemnly took our seats in the front!

Dr T P. Sasikumar arrived a few minutes later and after a welcome speech by one of our teachers whom he knew( the one who organised the whole thing), the mike was thrown to the scientist of the DOS. All I can say is, I did not realize how time flew by.

This man is truly a wonder. He broke the stereotypical image of a scientist I had(like most of us have). He wore perfect clothes, his hair was not unkempt at all, he wore glasses but not those mad looking ones, he was not muddled up about anything and most importantly he did not have the air of a natural scientist(the stereotypical air I spoke about earlier). Who would say his CV extends to some 20 pages, that he is one heck of an intellectual, a genious?

We were in for a surprise! He began very casually, skilfully making an impact at the same time. He established a rapport with the large audience in a few minutes time and spoke with the flair of a born orator. The subject of the seminar was "being better" and the motto of the day, as he said was, "No Problem". He spoke about how life has to be enjoyed to the maximum since its so short. He talked about death so casually, that you could do nothing but laugh. Yes! He made death sound so funny!

He spoke of the various chances that life gives us and how we should make the most of it. "Faith is somethign that you must never lose", he said, "as life always gives you chances. No big deal if you fail your exams. You can write them next year! No big deal if you dont find get a particular job. You can always find another job! No big deal if you are not getting married. If you are married, well, all I can say is that you are trapped. If you are not married, then yes, you have the honour of finding the right one!"

This was the way he made clear his motto, "No Problem!" He said that happiness is what every human being wants. But the truth is that it lies within ourselves. We just have to find it. No one needs to tell you if you are good or bad. You need to know it yourself. What should matter most is one's own satisfaction. Nothing else.

It was truly an experience in itself to listen to a spiritually, intellectually elevated person. I, as a rule resent talks, seminars or classes, where one is told how to live a good life. But this, was truly different. He spoke like one among us and the session turned out to be lively and interesting. We did not even look at our watches while the lecture was going on (let alone dozing off). It was only when he mentioned that the time was 2.15, that we realized that he had kept us engaged for 1 hr and 45 mins. We wished he would never stop and go on speaking....but alas! a scientist is a scientist afterall, with numerous things on his agenda!

I am full of admiration for him after that class and he sure has a huge fan following now! That I dedicated a blog on this should sum up my views on the talk and more improtantly the man who delivered it! :)