Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July in BLDS-Alappuzha and on FB

During an interaction with my children I got the following fed back from a few who attended your learn to learn class on Sunday which I would like to share with you..

Achu anto....As Sir connected all the subjects we found an interesting method to learn..and we learnt that all subjects are inter connected.

Abhiraman..Sir gave us tips of making learning easy. The confidence we gained was tremendous that now the most toughest subject seems to be interesting and easy.

Gautam..learn by oneself...mI now think learning on our own is the most easiest way to learn.. Thanks to Sasikumar Drtps

Abhinand..a novel way of learning...interesting 

Aswin .the toughest portion of the curriculum was simplified..

Thressia..at first I thought the class would be boring and I was preparing to have a nap..but as the class progressed I had the a different feeling( I can't explain what exactly) but I started listening carefully and the experience was excellent.

Gowri Meenakshi..sir was cooool in appearance and handling the text.. That itself killed the boredom...I teachers if they are not tensed the self in the class it is very helpful for us...

Saranya..says the class was extra ordinary ..the tips given were excellent and it was a learning to learn

Rohitha...said she was glued in the class by his way of presentation..
Pooja says it was good
Gopika Venugopal... Sir from what I heard from my friends I am sure I missed something very valuable bcose I didn't attend the class but hope to make it up sometime later...