Monday, August 12, 2013

130801-Dr Suleena on the life skill orientation program conducted in St Joseph college Alappuzha on Aug 1st 2013

Dr. SULEENA .. sitting first ...
Some excerpts from the report by Dr Suleena on the life skill orientation program conducted in St Joseph college Alappuzha on Aug 1st 2013

The chief Guest of Honour on the Day was Dr. T. P Sasikumar,an eminent Inspir
ational Speaker par excellence, a genuine Guru, a Former Scientist, Space Department , ISRO, and Former Director UGC- Academic Staff College, Calicut ...

Dr. T.P Sasikumar is a genuine Visionary, educationalist and a social scientist who is active in Indian Heritage , gives lectures on life touching subjects like astrology, vasthu, how to keep life better, personality development , Science of Living, Rituals , and Spirituality .

His Motivational Life Skills Oriention programme on the day was a highly effective and Inspirational one to the teens of our college and his Speech in particular directed to our students a renowned sense of rightness and purpose for their future living….

The speech encouraged them to evoke and build their self confidence, voice of expression, sharing of experiences, free from all set of fears, and above all in helping them believing in ones’ own strengths….

I felt the programme was extremely appropriate and inspirational for the purpose, the speech leaves the audience with an undeniable message or a call to action...a call to live with a purpose …. a call to live life simple…

Thank You.

Dr. Suleena V.S Associate Professor, Department of Commerce, St. Joseph’s College for Women Alappuzha , and Trainer Associate, Capacity Building for Women Managers in Higher Education, UGC.

130812 - Kannur University UGC - ASC - Session on ICT

I am one of the University Staff who attended your class today.

To be very frank, sir, your class was so informative, which made me think
who I am...
what I am and ...
What not I am..

During my childhood days, we had jasmine plant all over over our fencing and
my sister used to pluck those jasmine flowers and tie them with thread to make
The speed of her fingers with which she picked every flower and tied it ,
I will sit by her side and watch with bulged eyes......
Today, when I attended your class, sir, I felt as if you were making a garland....
with flowers of different ideas,smooth transition from one subject to another ...
catching our heart and mind...


 this is an expression of heartfelt thanks deep from my heart, and also on behalf
of my colleagues..

One more thing Sir, if there is any chance to attend any camp or class organized
by you any where around here, please let me know...

Thank you sir once again.

May god bless you with happiness always..