Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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Hello Uncle,

It's was a pleasant surprise to hear from you.
I'm so sorry i couldn't reply yesterday to the message as i was low on balance.

my dad had so much to tell about u that I hope I could meet you some time.


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priyappetta sir,

i think, knowledge makes a human more wise. same time, it never assure humanity. for modern education is like some sort of data collection. it gives accuracy. in ur case also. u learned a lot. including study of the mind. yet u waste ur energy on nair samajams. i wonderd when i saw somany of that kind in ur orkut page. i beleive these organisations which rule the religions neither help God nor human.

as u said ppl mainly discuss their problems [u r a therapist whom they can share their troubled minds]. me too have problems.
but i don think anyone else can help it out. coz, i know my problems better than anyone. problem, its not OTHER, but me !
you can help me to know things in general. which helps me in my solitary struggle.

whtever i do as a social being, think write discuss make films , its part of a mission and vission. "loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu" ennalle. efforts to preserve innocence, coz i think world needs it . a lot..
come to kerala. settle in thrissur. my suggestion.

Trichur ./ Oman / Muscat


read a lot.....................................................
Yathi, narayana guru, osho, nadaraja swmikal etc....
first time i read osho seriously
still hv no interest on osho.see his languge is highly influncg.
now readg vivekanuda......
thk u sir...convertg my readg chanal .

with lov

Dear Dr. T P Sasi Kumar,

My name is Dileep. I am from Payyannur, Kerala. I have been thinking of writing to you at least for a few months for now. I happened to see various resources about your lectures, books and thoughts in the internet. I am so much impressed with your positive outlook toward almost everything in life. The time and effort you are taking to get this message across the youth is quite remarkable. I thank you from my bottom of my heart.

From my personal side, I did my schooling from Tagore Vidyanikethan Taliparamba (like you did and hence you are my high school senior). BSc. Chemistry from Payyannur College, MSc. Biochemistry from Poona University,spend some time at the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore before joining for PhD in Biochemistry at The Ohio State University. Currently I am doing a Post Doctoral research at the Columbia University New York.

Columbia University New York.

Dear Shri Dr. T.P. Sasi Kumar Sir,

I regret to inform you that yesterday I could not meet you during the occasion of our NSS Delhi valedictory Silver Jubilee Celebration held at Siri Fort Auditorium. In this regard, I would like to say that your speech regarding Nair Community and other major issues is very much apprecitiable also this will help to make inspiration between our community members. I once again grateful for your kind useful information and motivation given to the NSS members through this occasion .


Anil Kumar. K.

Dear Sir,


It was a brilliant lecture on 16th at Ayappa Shetram!

But how much i implement it- is a question! The day i went home after it was over i promised myself never to get angry unnecessarily at my 13 year old son. But the first thing i saw was that he was watching TV instead of studying and all my promises went into drains and i started firing him, but i m hopeful that i can change myself -but slowly!!

Thanks once again, to let us know that we can be happy and make others happy with our small gestures.



Dear Dr. Sasikumar,

I was very happy to meet you at NSS meeting y`day evening at Sirifort and your thought provoking lecture. I feel you are scholar in many fields.

Sorry to know from you that you will be leaving Delhi by October 31. Delhities will definitely miss you. I want to share with you some truth of life Warren Buffet has shown to us as attached. Be in touch.
Best wishes and regards


Hope you are keeping fine, and well. the book 'Life of Love' is really awesome . I am very happy to read such a wonderful book.

The anthology of the poem is really really showering happiness and wonder in the soul.


Keep watering the seed of poetry and have a wonderful world



Dear Sir,
I was going through the topic 'Exam Preparations' which came in your blog. It was so touching as I have been a student who scored less marks during my school days and thus my confidence decreased. I did my Btech in LBS, Trivandrum where I was not good at studying thus failing in many exams.
It was after my marriage that my husband, Sreejith Pulloor motivated me to study and now I am proud to say that I am doing my MS (sometimes I can believe it ) in Germany .

I feel every parent should read your blog and incorporate in life.

EXAM Preparations – Points for the Students

1. Don't worry about the exam. Failing is never a problem.You can write the exam again In a long life of more than 60 years, one year is not a long period. Next year you have to learn more, so why not now?
2. Not all those who have good marks have a wonderful life. People who have scored less mark in their exams have also grown well in life. You could improve later, regardless of past, then why not now?

I saw your latest photos in orkut. Guruvayoorappan ambalathil vachatattu anno ?? My achan, E.M Neelakandhan is a Sectretary of that temple.
We have been associated with that temple since its formation. We used to live in MAyur Vihar and then moved to Patparganj.

I always wonder Sir, how do you get time to reply to all your mails and orkut scraps inspite of this busy schedule.

Thank you Sir


Manisha Sreejith

Snehamulla ente Sasikk
Now that you have made up your mind to quit Govt.job, can I open my mind? Let me first of all tell you that I am not an outsider. Very much your mother, though intellectually may not be up to your mark, definitely one with you emotionally and spiritually. People will call you a fool, for; they are seeing monetary benefits above all. But Sasi, we all have just one life. Live as you want your life to be. Amma is pretty sure that you can do wonders. Sasi..
We had never met, talked or exchanged ideas before. Again during chats when you insisted on saying that ‘I will be with you’, rather than ‘see you’ I knew the bond that developed between us. Your plainness, frankness, child like smile, sincerity, affection, all drew me closer to you day by day. Hardly three months passed before we were too close. Not a long period for a relationship to be this strong. I attribute it to previous births. Now I am here to tell you that I will be with you in success and in failure, health or ill health, poverty or in prosperity. Call/write when you need some one to share. When in distress, in pain, in pinks or in blues, I am here, promise. Sasi.. I draws around 35000/ month, hardly can I spend more than say 6000. You can always share finance too. Rather you have the right. Never ever feel left out or lonely, I will be with you.


Sasi gaaru,

How are you and family members? I was watching your profile on orkut and felt very happy about how many are sprouting their inner selves in your guidance.

I am good and working on my inner and outer self too. I am in US and planning to do CPA. This mail is mainly written seeking your guidance about my father in law.

My Father in Law is a retired school teacher and when he was working he never had time for anything, he was always busy and dedicated for his profession, he is a kind of individual that he never went late to his office and once he apologized to the principal voluntarily for being late.
When he retired he suddenly became free and some unplanned trip came by and he went for India tour. Then he saw all pilgrimage places, he never remembered saluting god in his whole life. He felt the bliss of devotion in his heart after this trip and overwhelmed with this Bhakti. From then he changed completely.
Well this whole story is written to tell you about his back ground. Well the problem is he is confused. Because of those innumerable thoughts, doubts bombarded all of a sudden he got confused and he started to feel like he wasted all his life. 24hrs of the day he got only one thought, to do something now. He is depressed and confused and tells thousand things he wants to do. He is old and fragile person. But the spirit is as young as it can be. He takes classes for poor kids but still not contended.
His family members, wife, sons and daughter don't understand him; his sudden spiritual urge has become a headache to them. To them God is a tradition or a formality and nothing else.They don't appreciate it and try to discourage him in every possible way. Insults making fun of his words etc.. He is in spiritual depression and feels like running away.
I want to help him, I want to send him to any spiritual workshop or ashram for few days or months so that he could recover and could able to handle his gift even in severe protest and could stay stable.
I have no idea about what to do and where to send. Please guide me on how to handle this situation and details about any place which can help him. As I am away from India it has become difficult for me to handle this.

I hope I am not giving you any trouble writing this big mail. I really appreciate your valuable words.



Really a good personality. Best Speaker.
I first met him in a Makarasancrathi Pooja at Hastsal, Delhi.
He was our Chief Guest.Spoke to him a few words. Really great. An ocean of Knowledge, We arranged several programms after that , again several speaches.

When you hear him you realise, how much you have to learn from him.

He may be leaving Delhi By the end of September.

But we will not let him go. Will call him again & again !


Hello Sir,
Am Neelima Mukunda, I have done my MBA (Finance). Presently working for Deloitte as US Taxation Professional. Sir you could achieve so many laurels and success can you please tell me sir how this was possible with such a short time of 44 yrs????
I also have a dream to be successful like you.
Am not that good at maths and I feel scared of it. It takes time for me to understand things and react on it. I find myself to be very slow. Am very good at theoretical subjects but not at practical things. Am finding my job also to be difficult unable to do it. It’s tough for me. Unable to take it. This is my first job. Can you please guide me in this?
Sir apart from this work life and earning money what all I can do to be respected by everyone. I want my parents to be proud of having a wonderful daughter. Sir please guide me.
Thank You
Neelima Mukunda.

Dear Sir,

Marvelous is your cd presentation!
Often heard prevents retardation...

“ Life in variety of permutations
Expressed in different combinations”
Ex....cellent is your way of communication

Kozhikode or Delhi seems no botheration ?
Child or adult - your imitation;
From cow-dung to Satellite your explanation:

Astonishing is your collection ,
Of all sorts of information.

No,,,,,,,,, problem to why then solution

Cumulatively has put me in exclamation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Full-Stop can prevent my summarisation

As “ Hearty Congratulations”


Hello Sir,

while gazing ur album a thought struck in my mind ...
I felt that I should share it with you ...
Sir I'm final year student of Shri Guru Govind Singhji Institute of Engineering and Technology, it is an autonomous government college in Nanded (Maharashtra).

Every year we conduct an technical fare entitled 'Pragyaa' ... within it we also arrange lectures of eminent personalities ... It will be our pleasure to ve u here...
I was truely mesmerized by ur speech last year in Youth Camp ... I feel u'll certainly influence ppl here. It is conducted in February ... I know it's too early to ask for but i felt it's better to intimate before I lose such a good thought ... If u ve enough time I'll keep updating u about the same a great day Sir ...


Dear Brother

i have seen you communicating at the core level.

may be thatr is why i heard one couple saying that u seem to talking at the drawing room, although u r on the stage.! u can be happy


Namasthe Guruji:

I am glad that you are back in Hyderabad. Please don’t stop taking sessions at VIHE.

Many people with all sorts of inferiority complexex, ege complexes, negative emotions – like me got benefited from the words of wisdom from the experienced lecturers and Monks of VIHE, please don’t stop the yagna for it is going to benefit millions. Mmmore than 2 lakh students have got benefited from the institute which offers
Man making, Character Building and life Building Education – VIHE

Will meet you personally. Right now I am bussy preparing for group I Mains. By the grace of god, got selected in Prelims.

My Pranams to your feet,


Respected Prof. Dr. Dr T P Sasikumar

We, the staff and students of “Babasaheb Naik College of Engineering, Pusad, are pleased to invite you for the ISTE visiting lectures in our college. The college is one of the topmost institutes in the Maharastra in Engineering education. The college was recipient of twice ISTE Best staff chapter award, twice best student chapter award, best design award, best project award from ISTE NewDelhi. The college was situated 100km frm Nanded and 4 hours journey from Nagpur and Akola Rly. Station

Our staff and students are eager to receive you and your knowledge, skills and vast experience of your technical expertise. Sir, kindly accepts the invitation and visit the college as per your suitable date, preferably in the 1st and 2nd week of Febraury.

We are eagerly looking forward your lectures spread to Students and staff. The topic will be on future education developement or any other topic of your choice

With warm regards

Dr. Katherashala Ravi.(K.Ravi)
Dean of Academics,
JSPM's Babasaheb Naik College of Engineering,
Pusad - 445 215
Dist.: Yavatmal, Maharastra

Dr. ji,

talking to you boosts the spirits. reading your peotry is doing a
exercise to know how deep you are. enjoying reading the peoms. the
other book, i could not get the reason why to choose to differ the
printing to right than left margin. trying to understand that, my
standard is not sufficient.

I wish to help you in writing your autobiography, as you are one
unique person i met with no match with others in this world.


Dear Sir:

Warm greetings.
Last week in the LUGI meeting, YOU mesmerraised all the people gathered by your excellent speech and splendid presentation.

We learnt a lot of new things from you. Really we lugians are very fortunate to had a chance to attend your session. It is not only my opinion, but all the LUGIANs opinion.

If you are coming to tamilnadu next time, please inform me. I will come and meet you there.

My best wishes to all your endeavors,
Thanking you
Development Officer,
LIC of India, Perambalur

Namaskaram sir,
Im one of ur students at RAMAKRISHNA MATH resendential youth camp at andhra pradesh.My name is srinivas pursuing final year b,tech.sir to start with 'I LOVE YOU' sir.
Sir after listening to ur inspiring lecture i have completely transformed myself to a better being.I have completely eradicated my laziness and started utilizing precious time.i have started teaching 4 hours a week in government schools and studying practically.
My parents are really happy 2 see me in this way.Sir i really tahank you sir..sir any good thing done by me,i owe to your feet sir.
sir i want to be in contact with you sir.
yours sincerely,
srinivas reddy
4th year

hey sir,

u really inspired with ur lecture sir.
it was sooooooooooo nice.
i cudnt evn stop myself telling evrybody abt ur class and all. u r wonderful sir.
thnku so much......but u knw sir, i hardly listen 2 seminars and all and i was d same at the very begining of ur class. bt i dnt knw how u hypnotisd me into it. it was sooooooooooooo nice. i wil nvr evr 4get ur seminar. hmmmm i want 2 change sir. reallyyyyy. but u knw i always fail in dat


hi sir,.....................
wll i realy got inspird by ur lectr last week
its d 1st tm am inspird by sm1s lctr.....realy dat was amazing.......
most welcom to our colg again sir...............


hello sir....
i attended ur talk at st teresas college...
it was great sir!

veena M B, STC, KOCHI

hello sir.............
really ignited and enlightened after hearin ur talk on wed.............well sir u r simply g8888............v r touched by ur spirituality ..........

Monisha, STC, KOCHI

hi sir..
im a teresian & i jst wanted it 2 tell u sir u wer really fabulous
there's no words sir to tell abt the speach u gave us. no doubt you never told anythin new but sir frankly speaking you made us realize a lot of things . i jst wanted to thank you sir for the marvelous speach you gave , it was worth listening. hope to keep in touch sir

yeah sir its jst god's blessings for us to get a gud coll as st teresa's & indeed privileged to say dat v r teresaians
nywayz sir wer do u stay ??
sir it would b kind enough if u could give me ur number......

hoping to here frm u soon sir
yeah sir sure will check the blog for method of studies...

sir could u plz temme lyk wat tym will i be able 2 gv u a call
i kno you'l b busy in the mornings so if you could suggest the time i think that will be more convenient for you sir
nywayz nice 2 keep in touch wit you & hoping 2 learn some valuable lessons from u sir

terasian-life is a quest

hi sir..
yep am der...i mean in d 1st row

sir....wht u say is rite....
sir can we access u thru gtalk?? r u der a member?? or yahoo msngr?

i told ma parents abt our chat...evri1 was soo hapi to hear abt it!!!!
evn am soo hapi n privilaged to have d contact wid u...
u r d best ..... i've evr known!! u'll b der in my prayers 4 sure.....
n also.....thank u sooo much
words r not enuf to let u know how lucky n happi am!!


hello sir....
im frm st.teresa's.....n i must say d seminar was simply great!!!
thank u for spending time with us.....thx so much really meant a lot!!

hello sir
i am a student of st teresas college
and i listened to ur lecture and to say it in our own words it was just mind blowing
what with all the sanskrit shlokas and the punchline of the perceiver perceives the way the perceiver wants to perceive not the way the ................................ i forgot

anyways it was really different from the usual lectures that we have to attend and i would surely request you to visit our college everytime u come 2 cochin

P.S i guess ur fan following has increased among st teresians

with best regards


hello sir!
i'm Harsha Harish a student of 3rd yr literature from St. teresas. i'm also Mrs Latha madam's student. i did attend ur lecture in our college recently n i want to tell u that it inspired me a lot!!! i hv started to look @ the positive side of everything. ur lecture gave me an opportunity to judge myself on the basis of all wat u said.

Tank you so much sir !!!


Hai Sir,
U won't knw me personally. I'm 3 year Communicative English student at St. Teresa's College. I, not only me, v all enjoyed ur class a lot. I know it's not a new compliment 4 u. Bt u act as an instrument frm God 2view my life in a different way. Whn some problems com 2me,I smile. It's d first thng 2do as d best. U have lots 2go, 2light d lamps in many hearts,especially 4 students like me.


Respected sir,

Good Morning,

Every time I reach out, you always there to guide me through the right way.... As you inspired others, you added meaning to my life too, thanks for being a great inspirer always.

Want to tell you on Teachers day, I am lucky to have a teacher like you. Happy teacher days.

Thank you,

K. balabhaskar

Dear Dr. Sasikumar,
It was such a pleasant surprise to have received your mail attaching
conference announcement and budget details so soon after your initial
mail to Swamiji indicating your interest in SRSG’s lab project. I have
immediately forwarded your mail to Swamiji who is in the middle of a
retreat program in the United States. He has acknowledged your mail and told me
that he should react as soon as he has some breathing space.
Personally, I want to compliment you, Dr. Sasikumar, for this excellent
first draft proposal done with the fantastic speed and the real precision
and details of a scientist.
I am happy that a person of your sincerity, devotion and dedication is
there to join our family and the team of volunteers.
Prakash Dixit
29th July 2005

My Dear Dr Sasikumar
I am thrilled to receive your letter and must thank Veena Maitra for helping establish this connection between us.
I adore the people of high and clear vision as demonstrated in your own suggested plans. I have no doubt with your background of clear thinking in Science and your administrative experience in prestigious establishments of space research, you have a natrual effectiveness to bring visions to reality.
Your thought of a conference on science and spirituality is right out of my heart: the questions are
1) What are the material resources needed
2) The office personnel - who would do the organizing of volunteers, etc
3) when would be a good time to hold such a conference so there is ample time to organize the same.
4) There always comes a question of paying airfares, train fares, etc for internation, domestic presenters and disussants.
I am sending a copy of this correspondence both to Veena Maitra and to Dr Prakash Dixit, retired scientist who has served in many countries and is now managin director of our Ashram.
As I am travelling and lecturing internationally, as well as taking care of the daily affairs of my international network of small and serious (not so well endowed) network of meditation groups, with its many 24-hour burdens, I would prefer that the proficient organizers like yourself, Veenaji and Dixitji discuss the above four ponts amongst yourselves and just command me as to what service I need to render -- when and where.
I will be at my Ashram 25 Oct - 30 Nov, 2005; Dec 16 - Jan 8, and Feb 25 - April 30, 2006.
Wishing you success in your chosen field and sending a blessing for your family members.
Yours in service of Gurudev,
Swami Veda Bharati
21st July 2005

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rohini ONAM lecture


I am fortunate and privileged to have been able to meet with you at the function organised yesterday in Rohini by the Malayali Samajam.

I thoroughly enjoyed your brilliant lecture and would term it as 'the best Onasadya' of the season.The taste,I am sure,would never go away not only from me but also from all those who listened to you.

Kindly allow me to join you in my humble way to pray for the complete welfare of every living and non-living things in the entire universe.

Finally,I will be grateful and remain honoured,if I could get your enlightening thoughts and views on my e-mail from time to time;it will be my endeavour regularly to propagate them as best as I can to as many as possible.

Infinite Pranams,

"ramachandran k menon"
21st September 2009, Delhi