Saturday, March 27, 2010

NIT - Hamirpur - 11th..march 2010

Respected sir,
m sharmishtha, a thrd student in NIT hamirpur....and a fan of yours after i heard ur lecture at our college...i find lectures pretty boring bt thankful to a friend of mine who insisted me to attend your lecture...there had been some depressing days but hearing you was like moving to optimism...wanted to thank you... :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

7th march class.

Hello Sir,

I have attended your session on 07th Feb ' 2010. It was nice session which i ever heard. When i attended your session for me it was like a reality show. When you asked everyone to share the knowledge with others, i got only few points. Later on my mind became blind where i was unable to recollect what u has taught. But from the next day onwards, i.e., since 48 hours my mind is turning round towards your words for e.g., "BE A LEADER, A LEADER IS THE ONE WHO STARTS WORKING AND THE OTHERS FOLLOW HIM", "EVERY EXPERIENCE MAKES YOU STRONGER", "LIVE IN FULL ENJOYMENT-LIFE", "KEEP AN ACCOUNT ON YOUR LIFE TO KNOW ABOUT YOU", etc. I want to learn few slokas from you. Can you please guide me for the same?

Thank you

With regards,

Santhosh laxmi

Good morning sir,
I have heard your speech in the personality cevelopment class held in ramakrishna math.your lecture was so interesting sir that i really remember your words as of now the contemporary world where each person in this world is back of money we rarely find people telling us about life and how to live happily.You are the person Sir who have really opened our minds.
Thanking you,


umesh said...

Namaskaram gurugaru,
When I heard about your workshop through my friend I thought it was much alike other workshops similar to this and to be frank I attended it upon his compulsion. But after attending it I realized how much I'd have lost upon not attending it. Your talk gave me a new way of understanding life. I started my 18-day practices of many activities you taught me.I promise that I'll start living like a fire from today. Your profile is so complicated, yet you look so simple. I also shared your thoughts to many of my friends. We're all looking forward for your next session sir. And I also wish to get some courage to conduct a workshop like this myself.

Thanks and regards,
Umesh Chandra Achanta,
2nd year, B.Tech.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

7th march sunday - hyderabad class

Dear Sir:
I have spoken to the concerned persons regarding your session,eagerly for waiting for that,i have seen your blog found it very inspiring and interesting,i inspired by the patience and dedication you have sir, really we need to learn a lot of things from you
Looking forward your lecture on sunday, 7th march 2010
Thanking you
With regards


thanx alot
i got da files......
i gave my feed back regarding our workshop on 7th march in orkut...
i was really wonderful learning experience for me really helped me to improve my skills.And u sujjested such simple techniques to make my stressfull life happy and simple....
and sir, u pointed out about "constant practice" which now i am triying to implement in my life.
i will definately keep on attending your workshops sir....
thank u very much.....


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LIC - Development officers at CALICUT - 24th Feb 2010

Dear Sasi sir,


Let me introduce myself. I am Santhosh, working as Development officer in LICOF INDIA Mattannur branch and was a participant of your class on 24th Feb 2010 at Hotel Calicut Towers,Calicut.Moreover, I was luckier enough to get your autograph on your books and in my soul. Thank you sir.... Thank you very much....

Sir, I used to conduct weekly training classes on every Wednesday to my own unit for the last five years and was much reluctant to come to the conference because it was also on a Wednesday . But, sir now I Strongly believe that as a token of my Upasana for the last five years, it is a GIFT OF GOD to me to have such a knowledgeable GURU having such an handsome, vivid,and identical teaching style.Sasi sir, in front of you I am an absolute zero but may I hope that you are kind enough to add some digits to this zero to enable to move further right in my life.

Anticipating your reply,
Srashtnaga pranamathode...