Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LIC - Development officers at CALICUT - 24th Feb 2010

Dear Sasi sir,


Let me introduce myself. I am Santhosh, working as Development officer in LICOF INDIA Mattannur branch and was a participant of your class on 24th Feb 2010 at Hotel Calicut Towers,Calicut.Moreover, I was luckier enough to get your autograph on your books and in my soul. Thank you sir.... Thank you very much....

Sir, I used to conduct weekly training classes on every Wednesday to my own unit for the last five years and was much reluctant to come to the conference because it was also on a Wednesday . But, sir now I Strongly believe that as a token of my Upasana for the last five years, it is a GIFT OF GOD to me to have such a knowledgeable GURU having such an handsome, vivid,and identical teaching style.Sasi sir, in front of you I am an absolute zero but may I hope that you are kind enough to add some digits to this zero to enable to move further right in my life.

Anticipating your reply,
Srashtnaga pranamathode...


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