Wednesday, October 13, 2010

101007-trichur-vimala college

Dear sir
A very good evening.
Truely, your encouragement through the sessions are effective and applicable.
More over it is too easy to handle.
Rather than that we are wondered abt. ur knowledge in 'purana', and science in ancient india.
May be though i am from physics, i am really interested to know the datas abt. physics in ancient india which is not available in text books.
With thanks

I am Thresiamma from Vimala college,
a Lecturer in mathematics,
a former student of payyannur college.
I am Very glad because I got a chance to sit in your class for one day.
I am so fascinated by your knowledge,talents.
Also i feel regret to myself for wasting my time unnesessarily.
Sir Can you help me to ,to be enthusiastic,punctual,etc?
What motive lead you to reach this height?

Namasthe TPS Sir,
Even thinking of you is positive.
the energy you showered us is speechless...
thanks again for that precious time

Dpt.of Malayalam

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