Monday, February 15, 2010

Kolkata - Enjoyed..

Dear Sir,
With best regards I would like to share my views with you, I am TAPAS CHAUDHURI residing in far away from you in the North- Eastern State which name is TRIPURA and working in LICI as a Development Officer. I was fortunately present in ITC Sonar Bangla on 11th of Feb.2010 where you deliver the hall and I got my self as a different way. I can’t explain it because it was a brain storming session for me. This is first time in my life I saw and heard a person like you. I am not the right person thankful to you but the person oblige to you for ever.

Sir, in your deliberation you gives us lot of tips to become a successful person, but I could not able to remember all these things. So I want to keep my self under your blessings if you allow me as your younger brother.

In your speech you told us you have written two books, how can I get it sir?

In my family life I have no such problem but in my professional life I am facing lot of problems. If you allow me I will explain.

I am eagerly waiting for your kind reply.

With best regards.



Dear Sir,
It was a previledge to experience your lecture in ITC Sonar .Your warm approach
was something uniue. Hope to meet you again.

Jayanta Chakravorty

Dear Dr. TPS,
Thank you for the mail. Indeed it had been a great pleasure in meeting and talking to you. I admire knowledge and rever those who possess it. You have it in abundance. Hope we shall be meeting again somewhere. Whenever you come to Kolkata, please give me a message.
With best regards to you and family.

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