Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DELHI-se Saumya (130131)

After seeing your note,...I just want to share that what I have always felt from that 1st day of your speech and the compliments I received back, requires lot of strength, hardwork and faith in himself to reach at a position where he desire to reach,..I dont know your ultimate desire..but I truly wish for that also,.. you are role model for me and many and will always be.I feel lucky that god somewhere has given us a chance to get introduce to you,..listen to ur teachings and get motivated with that,..try and try until you achieve no matter how many times one fails in life,.. I will not talk about the receiving end but you have given your time to many , inspiration to many and would like to continue like this with same spirit and smile,..

130131................... respond to my posting ---------... may be ?

1. i dont knw wat i should do!
2. i dont knw why i m doing wat i m doing
3. i dont knw why i m living
4. just some strange fear pulls back frm taking extreme steps
5. i dont knw how long things wil b mysterious this way
The world seems scary and difficult to live in!
facing this blow of emptiness scares me...
life has been going on.. it wil go...
one day this life wil end!
dont knw wat next, why wait for that day... wat to do till then
thr is some void
something is missing
---------====== DrTPS - Answer =======-----------
VOID feeling that is the first step..
desire ..
NEXT is to get into LIFE..
that FILLS this GAP..
I am GLAD..
U r into THIS VOID.
If not no development..
Else will FEEL the PRESSURE ..
and limited growth.
As u grow ..
will see more and more VOID around..
GOOD Sign for Development...
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