Wednesday, September 5, 2012

120905 - Teacher's Day Greetings from My Students

In the childhood my mother taught me the alphabets like a,b,c ; अ, आ, इ etc which had me confident in reading in and writing. But my Chachu had taught me the alphabets of LIFE, which is helping me in leading my LIFE by Living and Learning In Full Enjoyment. The lessons which u have taught us through ur experiences are really something which I cannot forget through out my life. U are an inspiration for me Chachu.. I have learnt the phrase "Acharya Devo Bhava" many times, but never understood it completely, i.e., why is a teacher being considered as equal to God, but after meeting you, I understood it. I thank God for giving such a great Guru like You.. Thank You So much for everything Chachu..

Happy Teacher's Day Chachu...


  • Sasikumar Drtps Glad Dear... for remembering and for the Message.. God Bless You.

  • Pallavi Dhingra Thank you sir... :) I am highly obliged to have you as a guide...
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Sukanya Chandrashekaren
  • u r one of my inspiration's sir..
  • hope to attend atleast one session of ur's
  • happy teachers day sir..
  • every day i build my thinkn bcoz of ur lesons
  • thank you ....

 Bunny Cool
  • sir advnc hapy teachers day sir

 Sashikanth Betha
  • Happy teachers day...
  • sir..

Swapna Kankanala
Happy teachers day

Harish Krishna Nanduru
  • sir namaskaram!!!
  • happy teachers day!!!..thanx for teaching me many social values
  • will never forget u sir...thanx from bottom of my heart sir!!!

    Namaskaram sir!!!...till the day before i met u sir..i used to address every one( elder's) hi..hello...but after meeting u...listening to ur lectures all the time...u start off ur lecture as"namskaram"...that it self has taught me many things sir!!!!and the day u told about our culture n heritage i decided to covey hi by saying namaskaram!!!..which made me feel in many ways..made me feel as a true son....true indian..true student....true welwisher....nw when i introspect myself..i feel proud remembering the grounds of humanity which i learnt from you!!!....and that itself made me to stand in a very good positon in life!!!..thanx for every thing sir!!!...with love Harish Krishna Nanduru

 Swetha B Naidu
  • nameste sir...
  • Guru Brahma Gurur Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwaraha, Guru Saakshat Para Brahma, Tasmai Sree Gurave Namaha....

 Navya Kondishetty
  • happie teachers day sir..

 Nithin Prasad
  • pranam guruji ,
    wishing u a Happy Teacher's day ......

Seema Sada Shanker
  • Happy teacher's day sir
    and thankyou for all the valuable knowledge sharing with us:-)
Laherika Krupani  
Happyy Teachers Day Sir:)

 Aditya Kashyap  
Happy Teachers Day Sir :-)

 Kolluri Varun

 Monica Margam
 Hai sir gud evng sir happy teachers day

 Rashmi Dhondi  
Happy Teachers Day sir :)

Vidhya Menon
  • happy teacher's day sir
Happy Teachers Day
Kiran Megha      Happy Teacher's Day Sir....
Happy Teacher's Day!! :)

Ajinkya Naik
Happy Teacher's Day Sir..!

Sasikumar Drtps 
glad .. Thank you.. I am me .. because of many wise people like you around.. Thank you for the support and motivation.

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