Monday, November 23, 2009

UGC-NEt Coaching at St.Theresas, KOCHI - 21-22 Nov 2009

Hey Sir.....
It was indeed a pleasure being with you...this i say from the bottomof my heart... (hand across the heart - really)2 days changed my approach of looking at life to a great extent... Todo whatever I do ... with passion and with a smile..... wherever itis... whatever it is.... without grumbling or irritation... and to bea good human.... and good child of god.....
Thank you sir... and may god bless you immensely for being such a goodhuman being....and for setting this example of being so selfless whenyou have many things to be proud of....for all your students....(applause applause :-)) )
Wish you all success and prayers in all your ventures....Good Luck.. God bless....
have some bad news... wanted to check out your blog .... thesenetwork fellows have blocked all blogs also in office :-/grrrr......well i will still have a look at home.. :-))
Teena Mary Abraham


Actually ts our part to express gratitude to you for presented us with such a wonderful experience,am sure very rarely that people in their life come across a true genius like you,i told most of my classmates about the wonderful person and his way of presentation,i also quoted some of the powerful ideas that you shared with us,really they expressed a great loss for not being there,they all enquired me whether they will also get a chance to participate in your class,i really felt blessed,looking forward to meet you again.
Have a nice time

My dearest sir
i dint expect that u will reply me,because you are such a great man who is so busy everytime,i was so thrilled when i saw your reply,i know that i am one among the lakhs of students you met,yet you managed to reply me,i will keep you always in my heart as that much deep is the spiritual impression you created in my heart,hats off to you sir yours truly

Interesting weekend I had - UGC tips, Life tips, thinking tips. Thank you for the insights as much for the ideas on how to crack this test. About 10 years ago, a Brahmin Commodore and wife in our neighbourhood told me about the veggies being better than meat and fish theory. I didn't give much thought to it, though I hated cruelty on animals. Few years ago, I became veg. cos of my love for animals, but then dropped it due to the 'taste' factor. After your explanation, I think I'll go back to being veg!
Take care.
S Ninan

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