Sunday, November 29, 2009

After the first Class

Hello sir,
ur class was very enjoyable n for the first time i found many people with my own thinking style. True sir! All the faces i saw there i felt as if i had seen them somewhere n i did ask some whether v had met before,bt v hadn't. Sir,i was undergoing very high pressure for a few years n i couldn't get it right till now.I hope to overcome all my fears n be bold very soon coz i too want to live a happy successful life.. Sir ur blessings n guidance only can take me out of my dilemmas n worries.. Thanking u so much sir for presenting such a class n v wish for more such classes
With regards

Ears and eyes------for 6-7hrs-----first time attending you speech..rather than speech...class....workshop,,,wot can it be called?No apt word for that.
Thank You sooo much.
A confidence received,unexpected...
And i know more than these words,i need to get back to you after 18-19 days,as a better me...
Certainly shall try for that...
May the Almighty bless you with more and more heights...

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