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PRADEEP writes

Saturday, 14 May 2011


The days i spent in "shiksha holiday program" are became most valuable days of my life..
 first of all, i would like to thank I.Durga anusha for informing me about this program., thank you ANUSHA!!!
  I spent these 15days(may9-may22) with the Great teacher, Spiritual human being and Noble person DR T P SASIKUMAR , he made us realize the meaning of the life..
      i'll be thankful to him in my entire life....!!

     First day(may 9th), i was very tensed because i don't know anyone who has joined in the session and i had problem in mingling with the new people..
  After starting the class, all the students introduced themselves then we interacted each other by forming smaller groups to know more about each individual.. 
  i hardly passed first day because of my inconvenience with the new students...

    our sir had his own and unique style in interacting with the students to make them correct and to convey his message.. 
   From the second day onwards he made us to realize the means of getting knowledge and good communication skills by making the students to read the news paper in loud, crisp and clear voice.. 
By this news paper reading, he explained a lot of topics in understandable manner to all the students and he corrected the students who are reading news paper in many aspects..
     until i joined in the session, i had a habit of reading only film and sport news in all the news papers i get but from the second day onwards i started reading english news paper completely and started ignoring filmy news.

     LATER, sir discussed a lot of different topics with us and he explained the importance of asking questions to acquire knowledge in his style by asking a lot of questions to students who are presenting topics and he made us asking questions by that we clarified our doubts.. and he made every student perfect while presenting topic by giving a lot of suggestions with so much patience..

      i don't had experience in giving presentations but in this program i explained two topics may be those are not really well but this experience gave me a lot of confidence and i lost my stage fear a lot.. also sir explained how to make presentation well and how to present it well.
He is also interacted and gave the guidance through online not only in class rooms.. he made all students to be in contact digitally...

       The best part in this program is 'we had a lot of games and all of us participated very actively.. each activity carried a message in it and we learnt a lot of things while playing also..sir explained us the steps in problem solving, organizing events and leadership qualities by conducting different types of games..
     once sir shared his dream with us clearly and it was an amazing dream and i'm sure he will do that..and also he told us what actually he wanted from us and what made him to conduct this program..his aim is to put his students in indian civil services to change the system as his responsibility as a indian..and his dream is also really fantastic..

      The way he explains the indian heritage is awesome.. By listening various topics from sir, i really felt proud of being an INDIAN..while he is explaining lot of things i admired and feeling very proud being his student..while listening this many topics i finally changed my attitude..
      From childhood onwards i don't like to celebrate my birthday, as usually i went to class normally (on that day we had a plan to visit a BASTHI, VIJAY NAGAR COLONY, MEHDIPATNAM) and i decided that not to tell anyone about my birthday but surprisingly all my friends@ shiksha are aware of my birthday because of "facebook".. all of they wished me and made me to distribute chocolates and gifts they brought for innocent and lovely children in basthi.. while distributing them i tasted the joy of giving..
   the students who are working for the basthi people had lot of of enthusiasm in them to support the children over there.. they clearly explained what are they doing in that basthi and their objective..and the good thing here is they are not doing this for publicity and showing even they don't like to call their activity as help for the children in basthi, they felt that as a responsibility..             
           we decided to do something in that similar manner and many of us are interested in doing something for children..this was the last before day of my shiksha program..

           LAST DAY, the plan was to go to sir's residency so we went to sir's home and we watched the snaps and videos of the program and we enjoyed it.. after that some students were became busy in preparing lunch and i watched sir's home, really wonderful experience in watching a lot of things in his home.. we had lunch in sir home and the food was really well.. last day is full of fun.. all of us became closer to each other and finally sir distribued our certificates of this summer program..

            REALLY, i'm not able to share this experience in words and finally am feeling very proud to be his student and being a part of this summer program..

       the two things i learned while being a student of DR T P SASIKUMAR sir is:
      1. ATTITUDE matters to make our DREAM successful  and,
      2. SELF RESPECT is important to LOVE the way we are...

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