Saturday, November 6, 2010

payyanur(korom) SNGCET (college of Engineering and Technology) - sept-oct-2010

My question on how to improve our communication skills on the day you came to our college has brought revolutionary change in my friends.They are speaking in English atleast to tease me.
I have got more doubts.I'll keep asking you.

(this is a very long mail but plz hav the heart to read this..even a slow respone will do)
Ds is Nikhil Jayaram of 7th sem CS from Sree Narayana Colg payyannur.i had attended your class..on 2nd.on personality devlopment.i hv heard a lot about u before itself from my granfather..!!you may know him Advocate Sri.V.M.Balakrishnan Nambisan..Trichambaram Taliparamba.he always tell me about you and Dr.gopalakrisnan.i hav d book which u told today "life made simple" bt have nvr read it.and also many of the books of Dr.Gopalakrishnan.i also know about your "dowsing rod"(the instrument for detecting the -ve and +ve energy)!!and hav seen the demonstration by KPC Anujan Bhattathirippad.i really appreciate for your contribution in this field!!
I always had a doubt which i had kept in my mind for years to ask you....".in a temple(kshetram)as everybody know there is a powerful concentration or field of +ve is understood..!!and it is always..said that we hav to take bath before going to the temple..only then the +ve energy from the temple will flow into our body!!and also it is said that if we take bath our body gets positively charged ..!!so if we take bath and go to the temple ..+vely charged..wont the positive charge emitted from the temple..repell..from the +ve charge from our body??(like charges repell)den how will the positive charge flow into us???plz do reply..

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